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Version 3 is here!  View Screen Shots

The onMouseOver effect has brought interactivity to millions of Web pages. (try the example to the left. It was created with the MouseOver Creator) Until now, it has been time consuming and sometimes frustrating to get this effect on your page.   Now you can just run this program and enter your image and link information. It will create the JavaScript for you and save it to a file that you specify. Then all you have to do is cut and paste the code into your existing HTML files.   If you are a Webmaster, you will find this program to be a huge time saver (but your clients don't have to know that). Features
Please download the 7 day trial version

Registration of the MouseOver Creator is $10.
The registered version allows code creation for up to 50 images per page and unlimited use of the MouseOver Creator.

You can pay on-line using Visa, MasterCard, or by Check.  See the registration page for details. 

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Download one of the following to any location on your hard drive. Once extracted, place a copy of mouseovercreator.exe into the folder that you have your images in. Double click to run it. 
-  This trial version will work for 7 days without registering.
mouseovercreatorsetup.zip (56 KB)

If you are getting an error message "a required .DLL file, MSVCP60.DLL was not found.", please download it here:


  • Graphical Interface - Screen Shots
  • Option to change an alternative image at the same time (like the example above)
  • Opens created code in Notepad or the default browser, so you can easily see what you've created.
  • You can choose to use additional images for when they are clicked, to give your menu a button feel.

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